5 Month Ago, I just a little girl with many scared in my soul. 

In the past, I still attend at Junior High School 1 in Bandung. I sitting at gride nine, so I must met with Ujian Nasional. And I still not ready to met Ujian nasional in May. I very scared about that, because my Try Out is very bad and I felt my knowledge and my abillty. 

In my second try out, I studied very hard, because I want to got result very good, unfortunately my result of my try out is very bad and I felt very bad, very angry to my self. I very slumped.

My familly, my best friend and my techers always support me. They always talked to me
"Its okey Naura, Dont be sad. because its just try out not your Ujian nasional. Allah always give present to the prayer". They always said that to me. And I think, for what i just angry to my self, I just do it yes? I just must Try again and Study harder.

And do you know? My Best friend gave me help, He teached me all about lesson. He teached me every week. He always give …

New school,New Friend

In my first day at my new school, I am a little bit shy because it was my first time in new school, that means that i have to find new friends and adapat with the new environment. It was my problem when I entry a new school.

When I meet to the hall to join Technical Meeting of PLIST, I met someone that I never met before. Then, I tried to talk and intoduce my self to her.

Kinanti : "Hi! What's is your name?"
Me : " Oh, Hello! I'm Naura, and who are you?
Kinanti : "My Name is Kinanti, you can call me Kinan"
Me : "Hi Kinan! Nice to meet you. Are you going to the Hall, too?
Kinanti : "Yes, I'm going to join the Technical Meeting of  PLIST"
Me : "Me too! Come on, let's go there. We need hurry because the Technical Meeting is going too. Then, we went to the Hall. In the Hall, we sit on the floor and evidently the Technical Meeting hasn’t started yet. So we canintoduce and talk to each other.
Kinanti : “Oh ya, Naura, What Junior High schoo…

It's me Naura

Hallo, everyone! Let's me introduce myself. My name is Naura Zahra Khairunnisa, you can call me naura. I'm 15 years old and I attend Senior High School 3 in Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. 

I live in Bandung since I born, I was born in Bandung at wednesday, exactly 12 desember 2001, and of course i'm originally from Bandung.I live with my greats familly, I have one brother and I'm eldest child. My father was a PNS and My mother was runs the house. 

I have lots of hobbies. I like Reading many novel, and my favorite Creators is Tere Liye. I like music but i don't play an instrument. My favorite singer is Isyana, because she multi talent. I like sport, especially Hiking and maybe swimming. I like hiking because my father and my mather always take me to join their vacation in forest, to be honest i just hiking in Lembang but its very fun because many tree can be see and I like that.

I have lots of dream. One of them is to be a doctor, i want to be a doctor because letter …